The day has finally arrived.

Today we leave the grey skies of Swansea, Wales for warmer climates in SE Asia.  But this isn’t a typical relocation or annual vacation. We’re heading off with our backpacks, an open ticket, a sense of adventure and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The excitement of travelling around new countries and meeting interesting people and potentially finding fulfilling jobs is on the horizon.

There’s just one small differentiator between what we’re doing and many others – we are backpacking with our baby. If I had a pound for every time someone said ‘wow you’re brave’ then we could fund at least a few weeks of our trip, possibly more and at this precise moment, for the first time, I have to agree with them.

Saying goodbye to Wales

He (‘the boy’) has no idea of course. We’re sitting on the train with rain drizzling down the windows’ leaving Wales behind and the nerves are kicking in.

Suddenly the dream of going away and being fancy free is becoming a reality. Are we selfish to take him away from his grandparents, friends and a stable base or are we teaching him some important life lessons that anything is possible and if something isn’t working out quite right and you’re in a position to do so then you can try to change it?

Hopefully the latter but we’ll have to see….

Top tip of the day:
Making a big life changing decision? List out the pros and cons and then follow your gut instinct and go for it. It’s rarely wrong.