It’s our second day in Singapore and so far so good. ‘the boy’ slept for 10 hours on the flight so we can’t complain. Only problem is his body clock is all over the place so he wants to stay up until 1am – not ideal.

Singapore is hot sweaty and humid and ‘the boy’ is feeling it. He’s a sweaty baby anyway, but turn up the heat and remove the breeze and he’s perspiring all day.

We head to Little India on the MRT and unlike the London tube every station has a lift so it’s easy to navigate with a buggy. The sights, smells and people remind us of our time in Mumbai.  We find a great little vegetarian thali place full of locals and ‘the boy’ sampled his first Indian dishes.  He liked it.

A much needed crawl around a park

The only issue we had during the day was that ‘the boy’ was getting very hot strapped into his buggy for long periods of time. We found a park and let him roam around for an hour or so. In hindsight we should have taken a sling out with us so that we could break the day up for him between sling and buggy.

Tip of the day:
For city sightseeing pack a sling in your daypack to give your baby chunks of time out of the buggy.