Friends who have been to SE Asia had mentioned that the locals love to play and interact with Western babies, but until we arrived we had no idea to what degree.

We stayed with friends in Singapore and after a day walking around Chinatown we met Dan later that afternoon at a bar of his request – Hooters!!

Like father like son...

In normal circumstances I’m sure my other half and Dan would have had little interaction with the scantily clad ladies (or that’s what they would have told me!), but bring a baby into the equation and hey presto – you have a lady magnet. ‘the boy’ enjoyed being walked around the bar with his newly found lady friends and at one point we had a small crowd of ‘Hooters girls’ cooing and giggling with him. If only the men could bottle what ‘‘the boy’ had!

Tip of the day:
Do not allow your husband to use your child as a lady magnet!