I have muscles aching in places I didn’t even know existed!

We have removed and returned our luggage and ‘the boy’ onto different modes of transport no fewer than 10 times today.

This morning we left the comforts of our friends flat and headed to Tioman Island. This is where the real experience begins. We will no longer have the luxury items and space that we’ve had for the last few days. Instead we’ll be staying in basic budget huts.

The journey comprises of 3 hours on a coach across the border into Malaysia

Our basic beach hut

a and a 2 hour ferry journey but includes the exit from Singapore and entry border control into Malaysia.

We finally arrive at ABC beach late afternoon.  Seven hours door to door and ‘the boy’ was fairly calm for most of the day. On arrival we find a basic hut for £14 a night. There’s no hot water or AC but it’s clean (ish) and we figure it will be fine for a couple of nights.

Tomorrow the beach beckons…

Top tip of the day:
The Phil and Teds wriggle band was incredibly useful today and ‘the boy’ fell asleep on my lap on both the coach and the ferry.  It’s a great piece of lightweight equipment and is proving very useful.