Four nights in and the trip is going brilliantly apart from one thing. Sleep

I'm alright Jack, I'm sleeping like a baby!

We contemplated taking a travel cot with us but decided that although it was lightweight it took up too much precious space.  We decided that in places where a travel cot was not available we would put him between us in the bed.

Two months ago this would have been fine. ‘The boy’ hardly moved in his sleep and would often wake up in the same spot that he’d gone to sleep 12 hours earlier. Now it’s a different story. Not only does he wriggle constantly, he turns, sits up and flops back down on the bed lying horizontally between us. I’ve either got a pair of legs or bum on top of my face, or I’m woken up by him rolling half way down the bed, in which case I’m conscious that he could catapult himself off.  I’m hoping in time he will improve but we’ll have to see.

Top tip of the day:
‘The boy’ has hardly eaten anything in the last few days. We’ve met other parents of babies and found that this is quite common with the change of temperature, time zone and food. We’ve increased ‘the boy’s’ milk quantities and make sure he gets plenty of water to keep hydrated.