Thirty minutes after jumping in the 4×4 and we’re in Juara. Juara is a quiet beach with a handful of varying beach resorts adorning the sea front.

We’re in luck. We opted for one of the cheapest huts at Juara beach resort and it’s right on the sand. It’s costing us £20 a night including breakfast and comes with AC, a bathroom with hot water, a kettle (essential sterilising equipment) AND BONUS, they have put a cot in the room too. Maybe tonight we’ll get a much-needed good nights sleep.

Look at my lovely new back garden

The beach is beautiful and there’s a huge tree on the sand offering all day shade. It’s the perfect set up with a baby. ‘The boy’ is content playing in the sand next to our sunbeds (shadebeds would be more appropriate!) and LOVES swimming in the sea. It’s actually proving to be very relaxing, more so than we expected. Now this really is the life…

Top tip of the day:
Take it in turns to be on baby watch so that one of you can fully unwind and read or take a walk. It really helped us to re-charge our batteries.