I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling under the weather. I felt as though I’d had a huge night out on the town, but that was not the case.

There’s something about feeling sick when you’re away. It can make you feel really homesick. I mention this to my other half. I tell him that I would love to be at home now in our big comfy bed, curled up under the duvet, all cosy and feeling safe, when he points out that we don’t have a home in the UK anymore, just a storage unit on an industrial estate. Nothing like a few positive words to make you feel better! Reality bites.

In the last week we’ve moved from place to place so quickly that I think it’s finally catching up with me. The travelling is beginning to take it’s toll and unlike at home where you have a number of rooms to spread out over, spending 24/7 as a family is tough sometimes when you’re all living and sleeping in the same room. Going away was the right decision, but it’s not all going to be hunky dory all the time and if I don’t write exactly what I’m feeling that it would be a false record of our trip.

Anyway, yesterday we took a speedboat to one of the many beautiful islands surrounding Kota Kinabalu. We went to Manucan a small island with beautiful tropical fish darting really close to the shore.  ‘The boy’ loved playing in the sand and splashing in the small waves. It was a great day.

What's going on!!??

This morning we were heading to another of the islands – Sapi. I was really looking forward to going there as a couple we had met in Tioman recommended it to us. Alas, I was feeling so sick this morning that I decided not to go, so ‘the boy’ and my other half have left, leaving me in bed to catch up ion some much needed rest. There is a positive in here though. I get a baby break. Don’t get me wrong I love ‘the boy’ more than anything else in the world but every parent knows that every now and then you need a break to re-charge your batteries. So that’s what I’m doing, re-charging my batteries, catching up on some sleep and writing. Hopefully my men are having a fun day in paradise….

Top tip of the day:
When taking public transport make a note of the number plate or boat number so that if you leave anything behind it will be easy to track. We left ‘the boys’ hat on the speedboat yesterday and although we eventually got it back it would have been a lot quicker if we’d know which boat we’d left it on.