I’m going to keep this entry short and let the picture tell the story.

After bumping into the same group of three English girls who were following a similar route to us and hearing about their 2 night stay at a secluded beach resort called Manana, our plans to go back to Kota Kinabalu were scrapped in favour of this idyllic spot (another benefit of not booking ahead).

After a delayed journey brought on by our aborted take off (a little scary) we arrived in Kota Kinabalu from Sandakan, took the 90 minute taxi journey to the coast and paddled out to a small rib that took us the rest of the way to our destination – a small but beautiful beach.

Three days of relaxation (as much as you can relax with a baby) followed.

Enough said….

Backpacking with a baby in SE Asia

Beautifully secluded beach shared with 2 other guests

Top tip of the day:
It may sound obvious, but if you do want to schedule some relaxation time at a beach location, do your research first. Ideally a baby friendly beach needs to have plenty of shade so choose one with large overhanging trees. We’ve found that if we put ‘the boy’ on the sand in the shade he will play happily for hours giving you the chance to lie/sit next to your baby and have a bit of a break.