For a lot of weeks I’ve seen mummy and daddy all the time, much more than I used to when I was smaller. I wake up and there they are, always still and quiet until I shout across at them or climb up next to their bed.  I like waking up early but I don’t think mummy and daddy do.

Backpacking with a baby around SE Asia - nursery school Bali

Too many toys to choose from

Everyday we eat, play, walk and sleep together, until today.

Today is my first day at nursery and I am happy. I don’t have to see mummy and daddy’s faces for 5 big hours. I have a nice smiley lady called Trisna who looks after me and gives me my food and milk.

We listen to a man play the guitar and we clap our hands, but the best thing is I have lots of new friends to play with and so many toys. I think I used to have more toys, but now I have a few things to play with. Mummy carries my things in her big bag. I have some stacking blocks, a wooden car (my birthday present), a ball, a shaker that makes a good noise, a soft monkey, a soft owl and a bouncy ball that daddy bought from a market in Borneo. Today I can see so many big toys I don’t know what to play with first.

Mummy smiled and waved when she dropped me off with Trisna but I didn’t wave back because I think the toy car is more interesting. Mummy is happy because she is going to read her book on the beach and then get her feet rubbed by a nice lady.  I am happy because I have a big garden to run and crawl around in and no mummy or daddy to chase after me.

Backpacking with a baby around SE Asia - nursery in Bali

Our first time apart in 7 weeks - a welcome one

I like my new home here because nursery is fun.

Top tip of the day:
If you’re staying somewhere for a number of days and haven’t got a personal recommendation for a day nursery, have a look at the travel forums on Trip Advisor.  You can find advice on childcare all over the world. It’s also worth noting that in areas with a high number of expats there are registered baby sitters available that can be booked by the hour.