On first glance Georgetown doesn’t look that special, another Chinese influenced town with lots of local roadside cafes, busy streets and little bit rough around the edges. However, after a few days we really warmed to it. It’s small enough to explore on foot and has a relaxed feel about it with some pretty little streets housing quirky cafes, art galleries and unusual guesthouses.

Georgetown was also the place where I made a breakthrough. The place where I was able to propose a trip to the shopping mall and get a positive response from my other half. In the U.K. such a proposition would be dismissed without hesitation. “Why would I want to spend an afternoon in a shopping centre?” he would say. “It’s my idea of hell”.

Backpacking around asia with a baby

'The boy' gets yet more attention in the local park

In a country with 35-degree intense heat, a running baby and dirty streets, shopping malls have a different appeal. They’re clean, spacious, fully air conditioned, have nice seating areas, food courts with high chairs, oh and plenty of shops.

When the temperature’s soaring, shopping malls have now become a haven away from the sun. ‘The boy’ has a clean environment to roam around and mummy gets some time to window shop (unfortunately there’s not much room in the rucksack for extra purchases).

I never thought I’d see the day when my other half would suggest a trip to the mall but I think it may actually become a reality soon, very soon…

Top tip of the day:
Unlike shopping mall food halls in the U.K. the ones in Asia have a good variety of healthy options and at reasonable prices. It’s a good option on a very hot day as we find that our baby eats very little when in the hot and humid roadside cafes.