After 3 ½ months on the road Nana, Gramps and Aunty Kim arrived in Thailand. Having spent the past few months communicating via Skype it was finally time for ‘the boy’ to re-acquaint himself with them in person.

‘The boy’ had a chance to show off his new skills: new words, new actions and his new headstrong personality that seems to have come to the forefront over the last month.  With three extra people to give him attention he was in his element and now he’s faster on his feet we enjoyed not having to constantly keep our eye on him.

backpacking with a baby in SE Asia

Nana and Kim taking 'the boy' for a walk at the Palace

He also received many lovely new gifts from the UK: new clothes to replace his well worn stained ones, a couple of much needed new books and some picture cards to help him learn some new words.

We spent three days in Bangkok taking the boat to the famous temples, visiting the grand palace, introducing Nana and Gramps to the adrenalin rush you experience when you jump in the back of Bangkok’s many Tuk Tuks and we opened Gramp’s eyes to the he/she gender confusion (click here to read about Lola), before heading down to Phuket for some pool, beach and relaxation time.

Having already been in Thailand for five weeks, Phuket was a shock to the wallet. Once in touristville the prices for food and drink double (or triple in some places) and transport costs, well they just seemed ridiculous.  It’s amazing how much further your money goes once you’re away from the package holiday crowd.

backpacking with a baby SE Asia

Gramps and 'the boy' play by the pool

Anyway, the place we stayed in was very nice and relaxed and ‘the boy loved having Nana, Gramps and Aunty Kim around. He spent time in the pool with them, played on the beach and had a few sleepovers to give mummy and daddy a nice break.

One evening we ventured into Patong. Wow! It’s a crazy, bright, brash place and let’s just say it’s very in your face. Luckily ‘the boy’ is too young to understand what was happening around him but I’m not sure the local punters appreciated the fact that a pint sized ‘lil man was getting all the attention. A few hours were enough time to soak up the atmosphere before heading back to our sleepier and preferred location.

backpacking with a baby SE Asia

The bright lights of Patong

After two weeks had passed it was time to say goodbye and get back on the road, heading north towards Cambodia.

Top tip of the day:
Many guesthouses offer laundry services but often charge per itme. With baby clothes needing regular washing we’ve found it a lot cheaper to take our washing direct to the laundry house where we pay a set price per kilo (circa 50p – £1)