Arriving back into Kuala Lumpur was an entirely different experience from our previous visit, as this time we knew that Kuala Lumpur was to become our home.  It’s hard not to view it differently and over analyse things that we previously wouldn’t have paid too much attention to.

How busy are the roads? How easy is it to travel on the sky train and manage the stairs with a baby and a buggy on my own? How expensive are groceries and where are the best value places to eat close to where we’ll be based?

backpacking with a baby SE Asia

Kuala Lumpur – our new home

The comforting thing about our new future in Kuala Lumpur is that we’ve already made friends with an Australian couple with young children. Admittedly we’d only met them once at this point, a chance meeting in a café in the Cameron Highlands back in October, but we’d arranged to meet them again in a breakfast café in Bangsar where they live and where we’re also going to be living.  Having a couple of friendly faces already living in the area makes the move seem a lot less daunting.

So, it’s all change.

Our flights back to the UK leave on February 3rd and then we’re moving our life over to Asia.

The risk to pack up and find work further afield has paid off.