Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style.
We are a family of five (with two little ones and a teenager) living in SE England, who like adventure, but not at the cost of a comfy bed!


What has been your favourite family holiday and why did you love it?
Tokyo wins so far as our best holiday as a five-some, which we visited for my brothers wedding. It surprised us as we worried about how child friendly it would be for little ones (our children were twenty months, & four). We got it wrong. Japanese efficiency, foresight and cleanliness meant that despite the urban craziness, it was a dream. We navigated the super busy (but punctual) underground with an Ergobaby backpack and the goodwill of others. The ‘facilities’ had baby change stations and some toilet cubicles had strap-in chairs to keep your baby safe whilst you were otherwise engaged.  The language, the unusual food, the temples, the bonkers shops and the many play parks and green spaces kept all three of our culture vultures wide eyed. Oh and the secret ingredient? Grandad, who spent a day pushing the baby around the City whilst the rest of us went to Disneyland!

What 3 destinations are top of your family travel bucket list?

  • Mexico Baja peninsula (to whale watch)
  • Finland (to stay in a glass igloo and watch the Northern Lights)
  • A return to Australia with three children (a road trip in a campervan)

If you had to pick one travel item that makes travelling with kids easier, what would it be? The Trunki backpack/booster seat.

What’s the best piece of family travel advice you can give?
On long journeys keep expectations low and if your children are tired and not behaving try not to worry too much about other people’s opinions. You won’t see them again!