Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style.
My husband and I are seasoned travellers and we didn’t want that to end when the kids came along. So we promised ourselves that we would enhance the boys’ lives as much as we can through travel and hope to, not only pass on our passion for travelling, but also make them realise how lucky we are to live where the live (we live in the New Forest, Hampshire) and have the opportunities that are presented to us. We haven’t done an all inclusive holiday yet, but we might… We prefer to book flights somewhere, find an apartment or hostel and create our own madness!

What has been your favourite family holiday and why did you love it?
With my husband working overseas a fair bit, we’ve tried to fit in his time away with our holidays! We spent a great month in Vietnam in 2015, when the boys were aged 1 and 4. We loved exploring the different foods, cultures, enjoying the company of the locals and wandering about the streets and seeing what turned up! But some of our favourite holidays have been to the glorious coast and beaches in Cornwall. To have the space and freedom to just run around and be kids is just such a magical experience – and you don’t have to get on a plane to get there!!

What 3 destinations are top of your family travel bucket list?
There’s a few places we’ve love to go back to and show off to the kids but we’re looking forward to exploring some new destinations too. We’re off travelling for a year in 2018 which we can’t wait for and will hope to tick a few places off! Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Ecuador will be featuring!

If you had to pick one travel item that makes travelling with kids easier, what would it be?
I could say an iPad or iPhone but really, if you’re just able to immerse yourselves totally in the moment and try and see what you’re seeing through the kids eyes, travelling with kids is a complete pleasure and leads to many doors being opened.

What’s your best piece of family travel advice that you can share with the Our Tribe Travels community? Time is such a precious thing, it goes so quickly. If you can, make a diary – however it works best for you – to remember what you’ve done and experienced. Make friends with those you meet and be kind. You never know where it might lead you…