Packing Tips | Young Kids

The Vlog and packing list show the items we are taking for one adult and one child (aged 6) for an 11 day trip to SE Asia.

All of the items fit into one 75 litre rucksack and one piece of cabin luggage, and the rucksack weighs circa 17kg, so well below flight restrictions.
I’ve included some of my top tips for items that we always pack. I hope that you find this useful.

1 x 75 litres rucksack
1 x Cabin Zero cabin bag
1 x Trunki car seat rucksack (packed inside Cabin Zero bag)
1 x Small over the shoulder handbag
1 x Small day pack for Alf (aged 6) to use during the day (packed inside the Trunki rucksack)

Wearing on the day
Me: Jeans, t-shirt, lightweight jumper, 1 x shawl (doubles up as a blanket for Alf), pumps, costume jewellery (I don’t even wear my engagement ring when backpacking)
Alf: Jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt, hoody zip-up top, pumps

My clothes:
Underwear (7 days as we can get things washed when away)
Swimwear (2 x sets)
3 x pairs of shorts
1 x beach dress
4 x vests
3 x tops
1 x shirt
2 x t-shirts
2 x nice tops
1 x lightweight long-sleeved top
1 x pair lightweight trousers
1 x sarong
2 x dresses (1 for the beach, 1 for evenings)
1 x pair flip flops
1 x pair nice sandals

Alf (aged 6):
5 x pairs shorts
8 x t-shirts
4 x shirts
1 x pair trousers
1 x pair pyjamas for the night flights
1 x short and vest set for nights
2 x UV tops
2 x swimming trunks
1 x sun hat
1 x pair crocs
1 x pair flip flops
Mini toiletries inside a freezer bag
Sun creams and after sun (packed in a freezer bag)
1 x packet tissues
1 x small bag make-up (packed in a freezer bag)

Kids entertainment:
1 x sticker book
1 x activity book
1 x reading book
1 x small cuddly toy
8 x small cars
15 x lego figures
5 x plastic dinosaurs
1 x pack of balloons
1 x pencil case of felt tip pens
1 x small notebook

2 x padlocks, passports and paperwork/documents (inside a freezer bag)
1 x inflatable travel pillow for the flight
1 x Selfie stick
First aid kit (including Calpol sachets, thermometer and bandages)
10 x Freezer bags (various sizes)
3 x environsax bags
Phone charger clip (to use when plug points are raised)
1 x floating aid jacket
Sunglasses x 2
2 x travel towels
1 x phone (4 movies downloaded for Alf)
1 x kindle (adult and kids books downloaded)
Chargers for kindle and i-phone
1 x plug adapter

My best tip for packing for a trip to SE Asia is don’t overpack. When you’re carrying your belongings around for an extended period of time, the lighter the better.

Local laundry services are excellent and most countries will charge a washing fee per kg and turn it around in a maximum of 48 hours (normally 24 hours)

If you have any top items that you love to take travelling, do drop us an email or comment below.