Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style.
We are a family of four; Me, my husband and our two children ages 4 and 6 years old (boy and girl). We are based in the UK.
My husband and I lived in Hong Kong for 7 years pre kids so we have travelled extensively in Asia and now we enjoy exploring what Europe has to offer.

What has been your favourite family holiday and why did you love it?
Our favourite holiday has to be Meribel in France in the alps. We go each year and it is a place that we use to go pre children and so we have had a long love affair with the place.

We love skiing and we find that this little village has amazing skiing with the three valleys and a lovely semi traditional feel. There is still the same quain

t creperie with the same chef, still serving up the most delicious apres ski desserts!

We love how pretty the village looks covered in show, it is a little bit like Christmas all through the season here, they keep the christmas tree and lights up throughout the winter period.

In terms of tips, we try staying in different places each time, We have booked with the local ski companies which offer a chalet and a host with driver and is the all singing all dancing set up, we have stayed in a very child orientated ski chalet hote

l and this year we tried self catering, which we both agreed we preferred.

Our chalets experiences differ, sometimes on our own, we have been with friends and we have rocked up at chalets and shared with a family not known to us prior to the ski trip. Having the family time on our own was just lovely and it is in now the way forward for us.I researched accommodation via airbnb and other ski websites. It is very tricky trying to find a very small apartments, however they do exist so ask around.

We booked ski flights with easy jet in advance, for myself and our two children it was around £125 return from LGW to Grenoble. Accommodation is expensive for peak times expect to pay anything between £800-£2000 for the week. Please note this is an especially sought after resort, you can go to many other resorts which are a lot more cheaper. Skiing with one little one that was 5 and under made it especially reasonable for her on the lifts, just 3 euros for the week! Our son being 6 was 185 euros.

But it’s not all about the skiing, there’s plenty of other activities for children to do. They can go bowling, go on the gondolas, ride the traditional merry go rounds, visit the little farm, sledging, swimming and lots of huge amusing statues to see, including giant gorillas located up on the mountains.

Both of our children go to ski school. I’d advise you to have a look around and see which one suits you best as the length of time the children ski for varies. You also need to consider how many children are in a group and what language the teachers speak and most importantly read the reviews.

When it comes to eating we like to mix it up a bit. Sometimes we have food delivered or  get a take away. In a lot of the mountain resorts they have catering companies that will deliver food to your chalet/apartment and you get to choose from the menu beforehand.

This particular company we went with also offered afternoon tea each day, which was a welcome delight after a day skiing. We also ate out a little and got takeaway pizza.

The supermarkets tend to be quite expensive and limited and so we always take food out with us.

My husband travelled by car as he has a dislike for airports, and so he traveled by Ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe and then drove from there to the alps. It took around 8-9 hours and with toll fees the costs around £420 return from the UK incl. the ferry. We have done the trip a few times and I find it quite full on and tiring with the children, plus they love flying, so when the children are a bit older we will consider driving as a family again.

The journey, especially in the later party is very scenic, but if your children suffer from car sickness go equipped with travel tablets/bands etc as the roads are obviously windy.

We love this area and having the car gives us the flexibility to explore the area as well as ski.

What 3 destinations are top of your family travel bucket list?
Our top holiday destinations with the family in tow would have to be;

Hawaii – we went there pre children, however would love to go again with the monkeys.

I would love to take the family one day to the storm watching hotel in Canada.

I would also like to visit Lapland

If you had to pick one travel item that makes travelling with kids easier, what would it be? My travel item with the children would have to be a simple colouring in book with pens. I used to work as a nanny for 14 years and I did a lot of long haul flights in that time with children and I think this would be my ‘go to item’ that never fails.

What’s your best piece of family travel advice that you can share with the Our Tribe Travels community? I think my best advice is to try and live in the moment.  Quite often we are not even aware that we are making memories when we are doing the simplest thing.

My little boy still recalls going for a walk with his Grandad (my Dad) in the countryside when he was 2.5 year old. It was just a simple r

ural walk but obviously still very special to him. He has also stayed overnight in their camper van and so that added to the memory.