In our new interview series I chat to individuals, businesses and families who have been impacted by the global pandemic.

This week I chat to the super positive travel journalist, Kaye Holland, who has had to resort to ‘survival work’ to navigate this time of uncertainty.

Kaye is an agile thinker and optimist, who has embraced this period of lockdown and created a new copy writing opportunity to replace her travel industry work and embrace her passion for words.

A free copy writing consultation for our members

Kaye has offered Our Tribe Travels’ members a complimentary, 30 minute, copy writing consultation AND 50% off all services in June 2020. Just pop her an email on

Kaye says; “Whether it’s writing a business letter, a press release, an article, web copy, social media blogs/posts, compiling a new menu, giving your board members a personality, an important invitation, a school (or other) newsletter, a formal email, an email or letter you’ve been putting off, a job ad or simply polishing a CV or personal statement, Teresa and I can help. Our passion for words is underpinned by proven professional experience – years of interviewing, writing news stories and features straddling print and digital publishing. We know how to tell stories. Oh, and there’s no job too small… or too big. We’re about helping people with words. We’re as much about YOU as we are a corporate company and our rates reflect that, so book your complimentary 30 minute consultation today!”

The opportunity is described in more detail from 09:30 in the video below.