Family camping during COVID-19

With travel options currently limited, many of our family travel community are gearing up for a camping holiday this summer. What can you expect this year, and will it impact your camping experience?

Here are some out-takes from families who have returned from their trips and a video interview with James, the editor from Cool Camping, who shares how they are working with their camp partners to ensure that everyone is kept safe.

Editor of Cool Camping | James Warner Smith 

How are campsites keeping their guests safe?

  • Campsites have reduced their capacity to allow more space between pitches. In general, most campgrounds are advising 4-6 metres between tents.
  • Some campsites have drastically reduced the number of tent pitches, favouring caravans and campervans as this reduces the number of people using the communal toilets and showers.
  • Some camping grounds are operating a track and trace system and will require you to sign a declaration on arrival.
  • You may find that toilet blocks are now unisex, and you will be allocated a block on arrival, reducing contact between campers.
  • Many camping grounds are operating a one in and one out policy in their toilet/shower blocks (excluding family groups and bubbles).
  • Some camping grounds require you to be shower-ready, asking you to change in and out of your clothes, in your tent. Take a one-sie or swimming gear with you.
  • In some cases, communal sinks are for handwashing only—personal washing (cleaning your teeth and face) must be done in your tent.
  • Disposable hand towels replace the cloth dispensers and sanitiser units are positioned outside toilet blocks.
  • Floor stickers or markers outside communal areas will guide you to queue 2 metres apart.
  • Camping shops may reduce their opening hours and limit the number of customers at any one time. Face masks may be required, depending on the country.
  • Similarly to the toilet blocks, you may be allocated a washing-up station on arrival, to reduce contact with other campers. Some camping grounds have closed their washing up areas and request that you bring a washing up bowl with you so that you can wash up next to your tent.
  • Communal fire pits are not permitted (unless you are a family group or bubble)
  • In glamping locations, some establishments are leaving a day between rentals so they can be thoroughly cleaned and request you to bring sleeping bag/sheets.

Thank you to our members who contributed their camping experiences. Come and join our family travel community – Our Tribe Travels.

Happy camping.