We’re a bunch of family travel adventure seekers always hunting for our next island getaway.

One of our fellow tribe members recently asked for island suggestions, and the responses were a goldmine of travel inspiration. From secluded escapes to bustling beachfronts, here are some of our tribe’s cherished islands and what makes them unique.

Gili Islands, Indonesia – Emma

Why Gili Islands? Emma fondly remembers her time on the Gili Islands off Bali, even though it’s been a while. She also loves the little islands around Singapore for their charm and proximity to city life.

Isla Contoy, Mexico – Lisa

Lisa takes us to Isla Contoy, just off Cancun’s coast, for an undiscovered gem known for its natural beauty and tranquillity.

Tanna, Vanuatu – Lisa

Lisa adds Tanna in Vanuatu to her list. The island’s erupting volcano steals the show. The volcanic spectacle on this island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Koufinisia, Greece – Alice

Alice takes us to Koufinisia in the Greek Cyclades, known for its tranquillity and wild camping. She also mentions Holy Island in Northumberland, which is accessible only at low tide.

Sri Lanka – Jacquie

Jacquie’s pick is Sri Lanka, celebrated for its diverse landscapes, friendly locals, and mouthwatering cuisine. This island offers versatility from tea tasting to safaris and beach sunsets.

Ischia Island, Italy – Émilie

Émilie introduces us to Ischia Island, Italy, a quieter gem near Capri. In a charming twist, it’s where she met her husband.

Anglesey, Wales – Kate

Kate’s beloved island is Anglesey, known for its stunning views, beautiful beaches, and various activities. Its proximity to her home in the northwest is a bonus.

Sibu Island, Malaysia – Susie

Susie loved the remoteness of Sibu Island, Malaysia, where rustic huts and beachfront snorkelling create a laid-back vibe.

The Maldives – Doreen

Doreen can’t get enough of the Maldives, thanks to incredible snorkelling and a laid-back atmosphere. She also recommends Bonaire for its friendly people and fantastic snorkelling.

Unst, Shetland – Lorretta

Lorretta’s top pick is Unst in Shetland, an island with white sands, blue seas, dramatic cliffs, and a fantastic youth hostel.

Moyo Island, Indonesia – Danielle

Danielle loves Moyo Island, a remote paradise in Indonesia waiting to be explored.

Indonesia – Dada

Dada highlights Indonesia as a paradise for island hopping, with numerous incredible islands to explore.

Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia – Philippa

Philippa raves about Koh Rong Samloem, where beautiful beaches, great snorkelling, and no mobile phone reception create a perfect escape.

Viz, Croatia – Aimee

Aimee’s favourite is Viz, Croatia, known for its laid-back atmosphere, good wine, clear waters, and warm-hearted locals.

Los Roques, Venezuela – Valérie

Valérie was amazed by Los Roques, Venezuela, with its abundance of queen conch shells. But Sicily, Italy, has won her heart for its beauty, food, history, and more.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil – Rebecca

Rebecca introduces us to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, famous for its exquisite, often deserted beaches, great hospitality, and a paradise for turtle lovers.

Curacao – Jasmine

Jasmine’s all-time favourite is Curacao from the ABC islands. She also holds Tobago close to her heart.

Koh Kood, Thailand – Melanie

Koh Kood, Thailand, tops Melanie’s list for its unspoiled, laid-back atmosphere. Koh Lipe is another fond memory, even though it may have changed since her pre-child visit.

Koh Phangan, Thailand – Allison

Allison enjoyed the peaceful vibe of Koh Phangan, Thailand, which is away from the hustle and bustle. She also had a great time in the touristy Boracay, Philippines.

Torres Strait Islet – Nicola

Nicola shares a remote islet in the Torres Straits, accessible by a small motorboat from their prawn trawler – a unique travel experience.

Wanting an island escape?

Whether you’re after peace and quiet or action and culture, there’s an island out there just waiting to become your next favourite.

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