The holiday season is upon us, and as our community spans many countries, we wanted to share some festive traditions from around the world. Some may surprise you!


Italy: Panettone and Pandoro

In Italy, Panettone and Pandoro are traditional favourites. These sweet, cake-like treats, adorned with candied fruits or dusted with powdered sugar, are savoured with a cup of espresso or a glass of sparkling Prosecco.

Japan: KFC Christmas

Over in Japan, the Christmas tradition involves enjoying a feast from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Families eagerly pre-order their buckets of fried goodness weeks in advance for a festive and flavorful holiday meal.


México: Tamales

Christmas in Mexico is synonymous with Tamales. These savoury pockets of masa filled with meats, cheese, or chillies, wrapped in corn husks and steamed, create a festive and flavorful holiday treat.

South Africa: Braai (Barbecue)

In South Africa, Christmas and New Year are celebrated with a traditional Braai, a barbecue where families and friends gather to grill meats, enjoy sides like Boerewors (sausages), and bask in the warm, sunny weather.



Sweden: Smörgåsbord

Swedes celebrate with a lavish Christmas Smörgåsbord, a buffet featuring a variety of dishes like pickled herring, gravlax, meatballs, and the iconic saffron-infused rice pudding, Risgrynsgröt.

Philippines: Lechon (Roast Pig)

In the Philippines, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are marked by the grand tradition of feasting on Lechon, a succulent, crispy-skinned roast pig. It takes centre stage at festive gatherings, symbolizing abundance and good fortune.

India: Biryani

Christmas and New Year celebrations in India often include the aromatic and flavorful Biryani. This festive rice dish is a true culinary delight, layered with fragrant spices, herbs, and succulent meats.


What are your festive food traditions?

Happy holidays and bon appétit!