We’re a bunch of family travel adventure seekers always hunting for our next getaway.

Get ready to dive into the wonders of the great outdoors as we reveal the roadtrips that have captured the hearts of our community members. 

Emma: San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela

Imagine sun-soaked beaches, delectable Spanish cuisine, and a family road trip with an 11-month-old explorer. Emma’s journey from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela proves that family adventures are ageless.

Nicky: The Enchanting Garden Route in South Africa

Nicky guides us through South Africa’s Garden Route, a road trip paradise with stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and charming coastal towns.

Catherine: Portland to Yellowstone Adventure

Catherine’s adventure took her from the Portland forests to Yellowstone National Park’s. In just 14 days, she crammed in a lot, which came down to careful planning.

Helen: Exploring Hokkaido, Japan

Helen’s heart belongs to Japan’s Hokkaido. She spent three incredible weeks there exploring its natural beauty with her 6-month-old. Now, she wants to return and witness the island’s changing seasons.

Sinead: New Zealand’s Camper Van Odyssey

Sinead and her family spent two months in a camper van exploring New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush rainforests. She’s also shared a unique journey from Cairns to Sydney, filled with snorkelling, hiking, and outback gem hunting.

D’Yon: Croatia’s Coastal Charms

D’Yon’s road trip along Croatia’s coastline uncovered the country’s beauty, cuisine, and warm culture. From the southern tip to the north, this Mediterranean gem is a hit with many families.

Gillian: Van Life Across Europe

Gillian embarked on a 4.5-month journey in a VW Kombi, taking her from London to various European destinations. Her unforgettable adventures prove that life on the road is enriching and adventurous.

Sally: California Dreaming and Beyond

Sally explored California through countless road trips, including the breathtaking landscapes and scenic routes from San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Jacquin: Family Road Trips Across Continents

Jacquin’s family loves grand adventures. From traversing Namibia’s rugged terrains to crossing Europe from London to Montenegro, they’ve journeyed through 14 countries. Travelling as a family of six taught them the importance of space and comfort.

Kat: From New Zealand to Thailand

Kat’s road trips have taken her worldwide, from New Zealand’s North to South Island to South Africa’s Garden Route. She also journeyed from Chiang Mai to Pai via Mae Hong Son. This summer, she’s gearing up for Scotland’s North Coast 500.

Chloe: The Warmth of Japanese Homestays

Chloe’s trip to Japan was about experiencing the warmth of Japanese hospitality through homestays. Her 11-year-old daughter was doted on by the locals – a trip she loved.

Wanting an escape?

Whether exploring your local surroundings or embarking on cross-continental adventures, a road trip is always ready to be discovered. So, where will your next adventure lead you?

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