Germany is a great travel destination for families looking to try something new. It’s an excellent destination for families who love camping, with scenic campsites in the Black Forest or enjoy the historic charm of Bavaria. Below are details to help you organise a wonderful family trip.

Best Time of Year to Visit

While Germany can be visited throughout the year, travelling with the family is most suitable from May to September.

These months are the warmest of the year, although the autumn, with its scenic view of the falling leaves, is a good time to plan your trip if you intend to hike.

Type of Accommodation for Budget Family Travelers

For budget-conscious families, Germany offers a variety of affordable accommodation options:

  • Camping and Caravan Parks: Many camping sites in Germany are well-equipped for families. Some of the most popular ones are the Black Forest Camping, Elbe Riverside Camping, and the Bavarian Forest Camping.
  • Youth Hostels: The German Youth Hostel Association, DJH, also provides family-friendly youth hostels. These provide clean and comfortable accommodation at affordable rates.
  • Holiday Apartments: Companies like Airbnb or offer a large selection of family-orientated apartments, usually equipped with kitchenettes, to cut the cost of eating out.

Recommended Places to Visit with Kids

Germany is brimming with family-friendly attractions:

  • Neuschwanstein Castle: Despite its neo-gothic style and architectural setbacks, it is a fairy-tale castle in Bavaria that one needs to consider seeing. Children will surely be fascinated by the towering structures and beautiful views of the surrounding areas.
  • Europa-Park: The cultural park in Rust is Germany’s largest park. Here, guests can enjoy many attractions and performance halls, mainly aimed at children and families.
  • Berlin’s Museum Island: Yet the architectural ensembles that are most engaging to the grown-up tourist can also interest the child, as can the interaction with toys and touch screens at the DDR Museum and the Natural History Museum.
  • Black Forest: Great for hiking, cycling, or even tobogganing in the winter.

Best Local Dishes to Sample that Kids Will Enjoy

German cuisine can be surprisingly kid-friendly:

  • Bratwurst and Currywurst: Children love sausages. The locals especially love Currywurst – a sausage covered in a sour curry ketchup.
  • Pretzels: These large soft-baked pretzels are popular as snack foods and can be bought from markets and supermarkets.
  • Schnitzel: Meat that is breaded and fried, typically pork or chicken, purchased with fries or potato salad.
  • Spätzle: A soft egg noodle, like käsespätzle, similar to mac and cheese.


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Trip

  • Public Transportation: Germany boasts a very good economy and provides good public transport. Trains and buses are convenient options when and if available and can sometimes be cheaper than hiring a car.
  • Language: Although most Germans can speak some English fluently, using a few simple German phrases is always appreciated and helps meet the locals.
  • City Cards: Some cities also have tourist cards, which entitle visitors to free or discounted access to various tourist destinations and museums, among others, as well as free rides in public transport.

 What to Take: Products You May Need That You Can’t Buy There

  • You’ll be able to access most of what you need whilst there.

Germany is often overlooked as a family holiday location. Still, with its scenic beauty, historical significance, and classed as one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, it should be on your travel bucket list.

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