Welcome to our new feature, where each week one of our community will be checking in with me via video call to discuss their travelling experiences.

These snack-sized interviews aim to be inspiring and informative, whilst also providing an insight into the personality of each family as they share tales of their travelling highlights and wisdom.

This week we meet Gilly, who has recently returned from a family trip of a lifetime.  The family spent 4 years driving around the world in an 8 metre long truck and in that time drove over 100,000 miles and explored 58 countries.

How did they source the truck that they called home and how did the kids cope with leaving their friends and school behind?

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Additional Information:

  • A British family of four who had previously based themselves in Prague.
  • The HUGE trip had been in the pipeline for 18 years after Gilly and Steve had spent their early twenties on an overland trip in Africa.
  • You can see more footage of their trip here