Susannah Cery | Founder

The Our Tribe Travels story starts back in 2008 when my husband and I received a joint offer to work in Mumbai, India as Media Directors at an advertising agency.  As keen travelers, this opportunity was just too good to overlook.

After 16 months of having our senses assaulted 24/7, 365 as we worked, lived, and travelled the sub-continent, I fell pregnant with our son.

As nervous, first time parents, we made a decision to relocate back to the UK in order to have our child.

Soon enough it became clear that we didn’t have closure on our Asian adventure (we missed both the vibrancy and the weather!), so after a few months of deliberating we decided to take the bull by the horns, follow our gut instinct and leave the UK.  Again.  Only this time, with an 11-month old in tow.

We packed our life into boxes, bought a return ticket to Singapore and had ‘The Rough Guide to SE Asia’ tucked in our back pocket.

We knew we were going to be able to enjoy quality time as a family, we had work contacts line up interviews, but we were open to where we would end up.

I kept a blog over the next seven months which was in effect a diary of the highs, lows and experiences of backpacking around South East Asia with a baby.

This was a topic we could find very little resources or information on when planning the trip. We saw that our collective experiences and top tips were becoming a platform for others who were considering their own adventure.

Eventually taking up roles in Malaysia, life once again gave us the opportunity to travel and explore other countries whilst continuing to log suggestions and practical advice.

We backpacked extensively around Sri Lanka and India, trekked up mountains in Nepal (yes it is feasible with kids) and spent many long weekends discovering beautiful tropical islands.

We were often told we were “brave”, “crazy” or occasionally “inspiring”.

It became my mission to help those who found our adventures inspiring to overcome their fears, and to facilitate them traveling confidently and independently with their own tribes.  I realised this was too much of a task for one person, but if I could create a focal point for like-minded families, then we could all contribute to a body of knowledge which would in turn help others as we helped ourselves.

Our Tribe Travels has evolved into a community of families who love independent travel and seek to inspire and assist each other in their explorations.

Please join us!