When we left for Asia we had an idea of costs for ourselves, but no idea how much money we should budget for our baby.

Below is a rough guide based on an average week (at the time of writing £1= approximately $1.20 USD):

  • Accommodation – £7.50

Many places charge either for a cot or for putting an extra mattress on the floor. If you don’t have a travel cot then you will need to account for these additional charges. I’ve based the cost on 3/7 nights being charged for at an average of £2.50 per night.

  • Food – £12.00

Many homestays, B&Bs and hostels have breakfast included, so the cost is based on lunch, dinner and snacks. We tend to share our meals 50% of the time and buy him meals for the remainder (one portion lasts him 2 meals) plus snacks.

  • Nappies – £4.50

Based on 5/6 nappies per day

  • Milk powder –  £4.00

Based on 3 x 6oz milks per day

  • Wipes – £2.00

Based on 2 packs of 50 wipes (also used for wiping surfaces, hands, face etc)

  • Medical supplies and toiletries – £1.50

Includes teething products, baby toothpaste, body and hair wash etc

  • Bottled water – £1.00

Based on a combination of buying 4 litres and staying in places that provide free filter water.

  • Travel costs – £1.50

The only transport we’ve had to pay additional costs for our baby is on a few ferries. The charge covers insurance, but also means your baby is given their own seat,

  • Conservations fees – £1.00

Only a few National parks will charge a conservation fee for your baby.

Total average weekly baby budget – £35.00 (£5 per day)