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JACKPOT! (General)

On August 11th 2011 we left the fresh air and beautiful countryside of Wales to set off on an adventure in SE Asia. Our belongings, all packed carefully into a storage container and labelled either ‘shipping’ or ‘storage’, await...

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Family photo update (General)

Although more than a week has passed (time is flying by), I thought I would check in with an update on our little challenge of trying to capture all three of us in one photograph (‘Just the three of us’) I’m pleased to say...

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Lock up the limes! (general)

This was going to be one of my ‘top tips of the day’ but I’ve decided to give it a blog post of its own as its something I think mothers should be aware of whether you’re travelling, planning to travel, or on a holiday in...

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In 2008 an unknown teenager from Canada was discovered for his musical talent (debatable) after his mum posted videos of him on YouTube. His name is Justin Bieber.  As his popularity grew amongst teenagers all over the world...

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