Infant products are easily accessible across Indonesia, even in the smaller towns, and the standard of the products was very good.
•••ladies••• stock up on tampons before arriving in Indonesia as they are VERY difficult to get hold of. You can find them in the bigger stores in Jakarta and tourist shops in Bali, but not in the smaller cities/towns.

Milk Powder:
As with Borneo there are plenty of milk brands to choose from. The chemists tend to sell milk supplements in tins, but these are considerably more expensive than the brands that you can buy in the supermarkets or local stores.

Both my baby and I were happy with the first brand I tried and we were able to buy this across all of Java and Bali, regardless of the size of the town.

  • SGM– 600g @ Rp42,000 (circa USD 3.2)

SGM comes is boxed and can be bought in different sizes and to suit different age ranges. I bought the formula to suit babies aged 6-18 months. As per the varieties in Malaysia, they do come in various flavours; so don’t make the mistake of picking up a chocolate flavour milk powder.

I was extremely pleased to find Pampers available across Java and Bali. Similarly to the Western market these come in packs ranging from 8 nappies, up to 60. I found the mid sized pack suited us best as it easily fitted into our rucksack. They’re more expensive than the local brands but are identical to those found in the UK. They’re soft, highly absorbent and easy to reseal.

  • Pampers – 16 nappies @ Rp38,000 (circa USD 3.00)

Baby wipes:
There’s a huge number of brands to choose from each with their own range of products, such as chamomile, fresh, alcohol free, mild etc.

They come in two sizes, standard (as per the Western wipes) and pocket-sized.
I used the following and found them all to be adequate:

  • Huggies baby wipes – 30 per packet (standard size) @ Rp12,000 (circa USD 1)
  • Mamy Poko wipes – 30 x per packet (standard size) @ Rp 9,900 (circa USD 0.8)

Medical supplies:
The chemists stock a wide range of medical supplies suitable for your baby, but these tend to be local branded products. Beware when purchasing as many chemists in tourist locations will try and sell you the most expensive product when a similar product is available at less than half the price.