In the main cities Nappies/diapers and milk formula are widely available. The larger supermarkets have the best selection, but many of the smaller stores carry nappies/diapers and formula. It’s even feasible to find products in most of the markets. For reference purposes, our member visited Osh, Bukhara and Karakol.

Nappies/diapers (all at circa 300-350som USD4.4 – 5.1)

  • Libero
  • Hughes
  • Pampers

Milk Forula (all at circa 300-500som USD4.4 – 7.3)

  • Nan
  • Mestogen
  • Maanotka

Infant washing products:

There is plenty of choice for infant wash products with familiar brands such as Nivea and Johnsons available.

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