Baby products are widely available in any of the supermarkets, in the major towns and cities. CarrFour is one of the biggest supermarket chains and there is plenty of choice in terms of baby food, snacks, milk powder, nappies/diapers, baby wipes and infant washing products.

In Marrakech it’s also easy to find infant stock in the smaller local shops, even in the Souks, but the choice is limited and the pack sizes tend to be smaller (see pic below)

One thing that became apparent was that the smaller towns charge a premium for stock as there is no competition for business. Stock up when you are in the larger cities as this will be considerably cheaper.

Guide to prices:

Pampers pack of 52 nappies = 99 dirham (USD10.5)

Pack of 80 baby wipes = 16 dirham (USD1.7)

Tin of Nestle milk powder = 65 dirham (USD7)