I love facilitating the connection of adventurous families across the globe to empower parents to travel confidently with their kids. 

Susannah Cery - Founder

5 Tips For Coping With Jet Lag

Travelling with kids is a great way to show them the world and immerse them in different cultures, but you have to get there first!
Our Tribe Travels speaks to a sleep consultant to give you the 5 top tips for coping with jet lag.

Flying Tips | Toddlers

The Our Tribe Travels guide to flying with a toddler will give you the tools to be fully prepared and travel by air confidently.

Flying Tips | Infants

The Our Tribe Travels guide to flying with infants shares tips and recommendations to help you prepare for your flight and travel confidently.

Packing Tips | Infants

The Our Tribe Travels packing guide for parents travelling with infants, including recommended products to make your adventuring easier.

Packing Tips | Young Kids

Packing Tips | Young KidsThe Vlog and packing list show the items we are taking for one adult and one child (aged 6) for an 11 day trip to SE Asia.All of the items fit into one 75 litre rucksack and one piece of cabin luggage, and the rucksack weighs circa...

Family Travel Features

Vietnam | Infant Products

Overview: If your child is reliant on milk powder, rather than fresh milk, do stock up before arriving in Vietnam. After backpacking around Asia for 6 months with no problem finding powered milk we were surprised how difficult it was to find in Vietnam. Milk Powder:...

Uzbekistan | Infant Products

Overview: Diapers and formula were available everywhere. The larger supermarkets had the best selection, but many of the smaller stores carried both diapers and formula and even the local markets carried some stock.For reference purposes our member found products in...

Sri Lanka | Infant Products

Overview: Many of our community have travelled to Sri Lanka with young children and have found it very easy to purchase nappies / diapers, milk powder and baby wipes. Nappies: Drypers and Pampers are the key brands and both standard nappies and pull on pants are...

South Korea | Infant Products

Overview: One of our members recently travelled to South Korea and shared her experiences. “Baby products such as nappies, infant milk powder, baby wipes, juice and snacks were easy to find in all supermarkets.  If you are heading to South Korea with a baby or toddler...

Nepal | Infant Products

Overview: Kathmandu has a number of supermarkets in the central areas where it’s feasible to stock up on milk powder, nappies and baby wipes. There are also smaller chemists and pharmacies in the central shopping area that stock tins of baby milk powder (see pic...

Morocco | Infant Products

Overview: Baby products are widely available in any of the supermarkets, in the major towns and cities. CarrFour is one of the biggest supermarket chains and there is plenty of choice in terms of baby food, snacks, milk powder, nappies/diapers, baby wipes and infant...

Malaysia | Infant Products

Overview: The mainland of Malaysia is very well developed and infant products are easily available across the country. Bigger supermarkets are located in all of the cities and towns and 7 Eleven stores and smaller local shops offer a good selection of products, but in...

Kyrgyzstan | Infant Products

Overview: In the main cities Nappies/diapers and milk formula are widely available. The larger supermarkets have the best selection, but many of the smaller stores carry nappies/diapers and formula. It’s even feasible to find products in most of the markets. For...

Japan | Infant Products

Overview: Nappies, milk power and infant products are widely available in Japan, although the type of shops may differ from the ones you are used to in your home country. The key locations to buy products are as follows: Drugstores (which also take prescriptions and...

Family Travel Videos

Meet Our Travel Tribes – Family Travel Community 

Meet Ricky-South Africa

Meet Ricky-South Africa

Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style. I am married to my amazing wife Anne and we have 3 wonderful kids who are all 5 and under (Rianne, Ryan, Renzo). We are currently on our #DaddyBloggerWorldTour and, at the time of writing, in Bogota,...

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Meet Susannah-Indonesia

Meet Susannah-Indonesia

Today is Our Tribe Travels' 1 year birthday, so I thought I would share a little bit of background about us and our love of adventurous travel. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Tribe Tuesday - you are all fabulous and it is very much appreciated. [video...

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Meet Amber-Bhutan

Meet Amber-Bhutan

Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style. We are a family of four - American mother, Amber; German father, Johannes; five-year-old Malia and two-year-old Noah. Johannes and I have been international teachers since 2000, although we did not meet...

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Meet Jennifer-Japan

Meet Jennifer-Japan

Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style. We're a family of five. Our oldest just turned 6 and the other two are 3 and 1.5. We split our travel times between going back to those places we've been going to for years and exploring new places. We had...

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Jenny’s Tribe Travels To Morocco

Jenny’s Tribe Travels To Morocco

Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style. We are a family of 4 from the UK who have recently moved to Bangalore, India, with Daddy Lynn’s work. Jenny (Mum) is the dreamer, Jason (Dad) makes it happen, Arthur (aged 3) loves photographing panoramic...

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Meet Marianne-Australia

Meet Marianne-Australia

Tell us a little bit about your tribe and your holiday style. We are a family of 3. Originally from Canada, my husband and I moved to Australia 5 years ago and we fell in love with the country. We decided to start our family in  Sydney and our now nearly 18 month-old...

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