Looking for inspiration or advice from other families who are travelling on an extended trip?
Our favourite family travel blogs and instagram accounts are showcased here. Just click on the photos below to follow their adventures.

World Travel Ambitions

World Travel Ambitions represents a blended Kiwi ex-pat family of five with a dream to travel the world. The dream was born back in 2010 when Melissa was a solo mama with two small kids writing her first book. In 2011 they moved from New Zealand to live with Rimaha in Australia where they lived for the next nine years. They started their blog and online businesses and Melissa created a plan to travel to Asia, then Turkey before walking the Camino. In February 2020 they left Australia and made it to Vietnam in March where they travel while waiting for the world to reopen.

Love Life Abroad

Love Life Abroad is about a family attempting to create a sustainable traveling lifestyle. Nathan, the Californian boy, and Emilie, the “québécoise pure laine“, met in 2012 on the small Italian island of Ischia. Their oldest son, Noah, was born in Paris (France, not Texas!), and Samuel, the little one, under a Canadian snowstorm. The family sold their house and packed their bags to explore the world. With their blog, they are providing concrete tips for people who love to travel and who want to do more of it with their children, while documenting their slow traveling journey.

Map Made Memories

A U.K family of five who love to travel on a budget in the U.K and around the world. Our blog charts our trips to over 35 countries with our three children, including our family gap year, sharing destination ideas as well as planning, budgeting and travel with children tips and tricks. We love the great outdoors and extended travel by train. We are passionate about helping other families to follow their travel dreams and have a section on our blog about planning a family gap year.

Mountain Adventure Club

Life should be about ADVENTURE! We’re a New Zealand family of five who quit the daily grind, sold up and hit the road. We headed out into the world looking for adventures to fill our days, hiking the Camino through France and Spain, exploring the colourful ghats at Varanasi, diving the glassy water of the Maldives, trekking the mountains of Nepal. And now, (unexpectedly) slow travelling beautiful New Zealand. Come read the story of our never-ending family gap year and find the inspiration to take your own. Adventure is everywhere

Adventure In The Somewhere

We were your ordinary family, 2.4 children and a black lab living in idyllic seri-rural Britain. We wanted extraordinary, so we set off in seek of an ‘adventure in the somewhere’. We share our travels, tips and tricks and hope to inspire and encourage other families to do the same.

Trip In Nuggets

We are a British family who love travelling, having lived in the Cayman Islands and Spain over the last ten years (with one child born in each!). Our website is a compilation of advice, musings and diary entries. More recently we have been focusing on streamlining our entries into the five key nuggets of information that you need for everywhere that we have visited so far (so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that we did!).

The Stay Abroad Dad

Dave and his wife Ruth gave up their jobs in the UK in 2018 and moved to Malaysia with their four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. He is now a stay at home Dad in a foreign country but in between cooking dinners and cleaning the bathroom, he travels with his family whenever they can. Dave talks about life in Malaysia and the new adventures him and his family find themselves on.

Five On Hols

Fiveonhols are a British family of mild adventurers who have spent the last five years visiting a place for every letter of the alphabet – from Amsterdam to Zonza via lots of lovely places in the UK, Europe and further afield.
They love holidays and like to put them together themselves, they are risk-averse rather than gung-ho, always start the planning process with a strict budget and are often frustrated by the limits of travelling with 3 kids spanning 6 years.

Flash Packing Family

Jacs, her husband Ed and their two boys love to travel. They get away as often as time, budget and school holidays allow and love seeing the developmental leaps the boys experience when they’re away. They are big on outdoor adventures and are huge safari fans, but most of all, they want to inspire you to see your bucket list destinations with your kids rather than putting it off until they’re grown up.

Mini Tribe Travels

An international family of four (10 passports, 3 languages) living in the UK. Despite having typical 9-5 jobs still managing to squeeze numerous international and local trips each year. Sharing their tips and hints on exploring the world with young children, all based on first-hand experience.

Half Pint Travel

Like many of our parent peers, we want our kids to travel. We want them to be open-minded. Critical thinkers. World changers. All that jazz. But first, you have to pack. And survive a red-eye. And find decent accommodations—maybe even a washing machine. Founded by a mom and magazine writer, Half Pint Travel is here to help with tips, strategies, and destination guides to help you plan (semi) seamless, unpackaged trips with kids in tow.

One Family Four Backpacks

From Eastbourne to everywhere…
One Family Four Backpacks is our family’s story in the making about how we made our dream of home educating our boys around the world a reality. This whole adventure is a lesson for us all in trust and courage. We hope to inspire others with children to be bold and brave when it comes to travel and we hope you will join us for the ride!

Twins and Travel

Anna and Husband Tristan have three young girls – twins born in 2015, and another baby in 2018. Both love to travel before having their girls but recognised the challenges early on when travelling with multiple babies. 
Anna found that parents with multiples were also nervous about travelling and struggled to find the right kind of holiday that allowed them to actually have a break. 
Anna is now supporting families with multiples and young children to holiday and travel. 

Chasing Summer Family

We are Chasing Summer Family, a family of five from New Zealand. We took advantage of maternity and leave and spent four months travelling around the world. We now continue to travel as often as we can. We are showing our children the world, opening their eyes, their hearts and their minds one adventure at a time, and hope to inspire other families to do the same. 

The Passport Kids

Nicole and her family just finished travelling around the world for 1 year, visiting 23 countries, 5 continents and 81 cities during their adventurous year. They have just resettled back in beautiful British Columbia, Canada still exploring more places.

Passports And Adventures

Blog Summary: An Irish expat family living in Portugal and travelling as much as they can in between.  Cath and her family believe that travelling with young kids can be fun and enjoyable by finding adventure through cultural and educational experiences shared together.

World Adventure With Family

Marie, her husband and two boys are travel mad and document the adventures to inspire other families to see the world. Their budget backpacking days are behind them, but they still have the travel bug, so in 2018 the family are leaving the Isle of Man to set off on a round the world trip.

World Trek Family

A family of five from Vancouver who have packed up their life in Canada to travel the world.
To date the family have explored Canada, France, UK, Iceland and Ireland. Follow their adventure here.

Blaine Voyage

An American family of four who want to experience a big adventure before their kids grow up and leave home for college. Their one year gap year starts in Canada and the USA, travelling by RV, before heading off to Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Kauffman Tanxian

Elyse and her family moved to Wuxi, China in 2016. Their family blog shares their exploration of China and includes visits to Yunnan, Lijiang, Kunming and Yangshuo.

Nina Mace | Thailand

In the summer of 2017 Nina and her family spent one month backpacking around Thailand.
Nina’s detailed blog shares useful information including a packing guide, their itinerary and where they stayed. Check out their gorgeous photographs and videos.

Little Wander

In September 2017 Jo and her family ket their home in the UK to head off on a one year around the world adventure. Their appreciation of good food and adventurous travel will be taking them to India, SE Asia and S.America. Follow their journey here…

The World Trip

In a bid to break up the monotony of everyday life, Dina and her family have left their home in Calgary to travel the world with their two children.
The blog documents their HUGE world adventure and shares how they are doing it whilst trying NOT to rely on planes as their main mode of transport.


Anna lives in Greece with her baby twins. As an avid travellers, Anna chose to embrace the new challenges od exploring the world with two little babies, and shares her tips and advice to inspire others to do the same. FYI English translations are in progress.

A Baby Abroad

Dani and her husband, who have lived in three continents, are travel fanatics and are now introducing their little baby to the world. Aged two, he’s already travelled to twelve countries.
If you have a baby and are looking for re-assurance and travel tips then this is the blog to read.

Let's Get Lost Abroad

“We are a family of five who sold all of our belongings and booked a one way ticket to Costa Rica. We are leaving behind our busy lives in Florida to start our journey of International living. Stop talking and start living”.

Wandering Wagars

Kevin and his wife Cristina have made travelling and exploring the world an integral part of their life. With two little boys in tow, their detailed blog has tons of tips, recommendations, product reviews and amazing destinations.
Their mission is to help other parents to travel with their kids too.

Where Is The World?

An inspring blog sharing the experiences of an adventurous family who love to explore the lesser known destinations off the beaten track. The family share loads of great travel tips and there’s also a free download of ‘the ultimate hand luggage packing list’.

Go Live Young

Nicky and her family have recently returned from an 8 month round the world adventure, covering over 28,000 miles! Follow their route and be inspired. This blog is crammed full of amazing stories AND check out their YouTube channel.


Deepika has a refreshing approach to travelling with a baby and says “My baby empowers me to explore the world with him by my side”.
Deepika shares her practical advice and product recommendations for travelling with a little one in tow.

Our Family Travels

Based in Australia, but avid fans of Europe, this family share their travel experiences to inspire others to explore the world around them.
“I love nothing more than exploring the world and sharing my experiences with my family”

Wanderlust And Wet Wipes

An honest and detailed account of travelling with two small kids. As Emma says “I want to empower you and your family to take holidays that you might think are beyond your reach now that you have kids, because until recently that was me”

The Wheelers On The Bus

A family of four from Bristol, UK, who have sold up and set off to travel around the world.
If you’re heading off on a big trip then this blog is a must read. Honestly written it addresses both the practical and emotional side of travelling long-term as a family.

FamJam Travels

A Canadian family who live in Hong Kong and take every opportunity to travel.
Little Audrey has already taken sixty flights and visited twenty countries.

Northern Aussie Mum

A family of four (plus their dog) who are driving around Australia long-term. “We are looking for the best family and pet friendly locations around the country and sharing our favourite accommodation, attractions, restaurants and stories.”

Our Massive Family Adventure

Vlog – Follow the adventures of a South African family who are travelling the globe with their little boy. South America, USA, Europe and Russia are on the itinerary.


If you’ve ever fancied heading off around Europe in a caravan then read on. Laura, her husband and their young baby spent 3 months exploring Spain, France, Corsica and Sardinia. (Corsica and Sardinia to be updated).

5 Lost Together

“Mom of three and mom to this blog, I live to travel. I have been to over fifty countries and believe firmly in the power of travelling with kids. I blog about our life as expats in Australia, our travel long and short and hope to inspire you to travel with your kids”.

An Austin Adventure

A family of six who sold their New Zealand home and all of their possessions to swap ‘things’ for making lasting memories.
Their family travel blog documents their huge adventure backpacking around the world.

Guide My Tribe

A family travel blog dedicated to giving other families the guidance and inspiration to travel independently with their kids.
Check out their adventures in Iceland, China and South Africa and read about their trips from a kid’s perspective.

Our Lively Tribe

A family of five who sold EVERYTHING to road trip around the USA. Lovers of camping, exploring the outdoors and creating.
Follow their he adventure and enjoy the beautiful photography here.

Tazz Discoveries

In 2016 Tami and her family sold their Cape Town home, swapped formal schooling for home schooling and set off on a road trip around South Africa.
If South Africa is on your bucket list then read on and get the inside track on where to go and what to see with kids.

The Backpacking Mama

Deenaz is currently based in India and a backpacking travel fanatic.
They have already travelled to nine countries with their baby and have lots of tips to share, including ’10 essentials to carry when backpacking with a baby’

Kids And Compass

“Family travel in the UK and beyond”
If the UK is on your big trip itinerary then Emily’s blog will give you the top family friendly highlights to get the most out of your visit. Quaint villages, historic cities and beautiful beaches…

The Family Voyage

Based in LA, Melissa and her family love to travel and plan mini adventures during their vacations. They keep detailed accounts of their trips to make it easy for other families to follow in their path. If you’re including Ireland in your trip then read on.

Daddy Blogger

An established blogger, Ricky writes about parenting from a dad’s perspective, with an emphasis on travel.
Ricky and his family are on a one year round-the-world trip visiting Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America and Central America.

Wander Mum

Based in London, Elizabeth is an established travel blogger with a loyal following.
The blog includes lots of great travel tips, packing recommendations and hotel reviews to help you plan your family vacations.

Travelynn Family

A UK family who love to travel and believe that having children shouldn’t change that.
The family have recently moved to Bangalore, India, where another big adventure begins.

Mini Me Wanderlust

“Just a mum trying to teach her son about love, kindness, generosity and tolerance by showing him the wonderful diversity of the world”
Lots of travel tips and advice including ‘how to travel anywhere on a budget’.

Passports And Prams

Following the adventures of Husnara and her family as they travel the world with their little girl, volunteering when they can.
“We want to show Ava the diversity of life and living and install in her a nature of giving and thinking of others.”

Around The World Blog

An honest and humorous blog sharing the highs and lows of travelling around the world as a family.
Countries visited include Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Japan, Indonesia, S.Africa plus many more.

World Wide With Kids

Liz, Gavin, Francis and Evie are a British family of four who left the UK in March 2015 to embark on a journey of full time travel around the world.
This informative blog shares tips of how you can travel long-term as a family whilst earning money to fund your travels.

The Voyaging 4

A family of four documenting their travels around the world with their toddler and baby.
The blog focuses on their current base, Hawaii, and shares tips and itineraries for exploring the island of Oahu.

MumPack Travel

“I’ve always thought that in 10 years time my daughter Emmie wouldn’t thank me for installing a brand new kitchen in our home, but she would thank me for filling her early years with amazing experiences, learnings and sights and sounds from around the world”
Read about their adventures here.

Where Next Daddy?

Rucksacks and nappies around the world.
An inspiring family travel blog that documents a British family’s sixteen month backpacking adventure with their daughter Betty. Warning…stunning photography. You’ll be wanting to book flight tickets!


Imagine setting off on a round-the-world adventure with four kids in tow. This family are doing just that. Get ready to be inspired.

Chasing The Rainbow

A conventional family living an extraordinary life as they discover the magic of their home country of South Africa and explore the world together.
An inspiring blog that demonstrates the benefits of living life to the full with an adventurous spirit.

Parenthood And Passports

Melissa’s daughter Avery was born in February 2015 and has been collecting passport stamps ever since.
This informative blog offers tips and advice for parents who are keen to travel with their pint size passengers.


Tales of an expat family living in Ecuador and their subsequent adventures driving around South America.
This blog is beautifully written and gives a great insight in to local culture.

Journey Of A Nomadic Family

The Pamley-Lidell family of five love to travel. “We are are a plant-based family of mini-adventurers who love to stay active and see the globe on a budget.”
In 2017 the daily hit the road again to spend one month at a time in a different country.

Journeys With Kaia

“A blog chronicling a middle aged traveler’s quest for order on planet parenthood”
Climbing Macchu Picchu, house sitting in Paraguay and exploring Columbia are just a few of Jimmy’s inspiring family adventures.

Tea And Sun Travel

A family of four embarking on a mission to find the best tea (& occasionally coffee) across the World.

Our Tribe Travels

In 2011, when our son was 11 months old, we left the UK to backpack around SE Asia with the objective of finding a country we wanted to settle in for a better work / life balance. The travel diary documents our experiences as we discovered the challenges of travelling with a young baby.Our

World Of Travel With Kids

“We are a multicultural family from Peru, Nicaragua & Australia. We believe adventures can be global – and local – and are one part of our sustainable lifestyle, and raising children who are global eco-citizens”.