Many of our community have travelled to Sri Lanka with young children and have found it very easy to purchase nappies / diapers, milk powder and baby wipes.

Drypers and Pampers are the key brands and both standard nappies and pull on pants are widely available.
Expect to pay circa USD10 per 24 pack.
In smaller towns it’s easy to find nappy stocks although the choice is more limited and the pack sizes tend to be smaller.

Milk Powder:
In the major stores there is a large selection of milk powder brands available. Prices do vary so expect to pay between USD10 – USD20 per tin. If your child prefers a specific brand, stock up whilst your in the larger towns and cities as the smaller local stores have limited choice.

Infant food and snacks:
Larger supermarkets stock jars of baby food, baby snacks and cereals.

Baby wipes and infant products:
You won’t have any issues finding baby wipes or wash in the larger supermarkets. Baby wipes are circa USD4 per a pack of 80 wipes.