Thailand has been a busy tourist destination for many decades and has become increasingly popular with families. Infant products are readily available and Western brands are easily accessible.
7 Eleven stores are located in EVERY small town stocking nappies, wipes, milk powder, sun cream, insect repellents etc. and paediatric medicines are available from the local chemists and Boots stores. If you’re trying to travel with minimum luggage I recommend making your nappy purchases on arrival – no need to bring a huge stock from your home country.

Milk Powder:
There are plenty of brands to choose from and easy to find in the smaller stores as well as the local supermarkets.  Powder can be bought in bags, boxes (with a bag inside) or tins and come in a range of sizes and different formulas to suit different age ranges. I chose to use the following during our time in Thailand:

  • Dumex milk powder 6 month – 24 month formula 600g @ 186baht (circa USD 5.4)

There are plenty of brands to choose from of differing qualities. Mamy Poko and Drypers are the two brands that are most widely available and can be bought at the small local shops, local 7/11 stores and supermarkets. After having bad experiences with Drypers in Borneo, I chose to use Mamy Poko. The Mamy Poko nappies in Thailand are of a similar quality to Pampers in the UK. They come in a range of sizes, nappies and pull up pants and girl/boy varieties. There were certainly the best nappies I have used in SE Asia to date:

  • Mamy Poko pull up boy/girl pants – 17 pack @ 169 baht (circa USD 5.00)
  • Mamy Poko pull up boy/girl pants – 3 pack @ 29baht (circa USD 0.85) – handy as a top up pack between destinations

Baby wipes:
Across most of Thailand baby wipe brands are limited but once you get to popular tourist destinations the choice increases with many shops stocking Western brands. I chose to use Mamy Poko, as these were best value but have included details of Boots wipes as a cost comparison:

  • Mamy Poko small wipes – 20 wipes @ 19 baht (circa USD 0.5)
  • Boots wipes large pack – 80 wipes @ 150-200baht (circa USD 4.4 – 5.8)

Medical supplies:
Chemists are well stocked, particularly in the tourist areas. Our baby had a bad chesty cold whilst in Krabi. The pharmacist prescribed us with the following:

  • Flemec kids cough syrup – 100ml @ 120baht (circa USD 3.5)

Johnsons products are widely available and at a reasonable cost. I used:

  • Johnsons top to toe wash – 200ml @ 65baht (circa USD 1.9)
  • Johnsons baby powder – 50g @ 15baht (circa USD 0.45)
  • Johnsons hand and face wipes – 20 wipes @ 30baht (circa USD 0.9)
  • Baby tiger balm (soothing for bites) @ 30baht (circa USD 0.9)
  • Kleenex antibacterial moist wipes – 10 wipes @ 29 baht (circa USD 0.9)

Insect repellant:
For non malarial areas we chose to use natural repellants as per below:

  • Johnsons insect repellant – 100ml @ 106 baht (circa USD 0.6) – we found this repellant to be very good. It’s easy to apply, smells pleasant and can be use on a baby’s face.
  • Citronella natural insect repellant – 40ml @ 100baht (circa USD 2.9 )