Videos | The Check-In Desk

Videos | The Check-In Desk

Welcome to our new feature, where our community members will be checking in with me via video call to discuss their travelling experiences.

Our members share their tales and provide invaluable nuggets of wisdom based on already having experienced a particular element of independent travel at first-hand.

These snack-sized interviews aim to be inspiring and informative, whilst also providing an insight into the personality of each family as they share tales of their travelling highlights and wisdom.

Want to take part? Send us a message via the ‘Contribution’ page.


Sailing With Kids

When Dawn was a teenager she spent many months sailing with her family. Fuelled by positive memories from her childhood, Dawn and her family spent three months sailing around the Bahamas. This interview is packed full of tips to help other families set sail with their tribe.

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Cycling Cuba with Kids

Do love cycling and are keen to explore the world by bike? Jonathan and Anne Sophie spent one month cycling across Cuba with their toddler. Here they share their experience of life on a bike as a family and lots of valuable tips and advice to help other parents to explore the world on two wheels.

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