If your child is reliant on milk powder, rather than fresh milk, do stock up before arriving in Vietnam. After backpacking around Asia for 6 months with no problem finding powered milk we were surprised how difficult it was to find in Vietnam.

Milk Powder:
Even in Ho Chi Minh we had great difficulty in finding milk powder. The supermarkets were outside the city and therefore we were limited to looking in the smaller high street convenience shops. We only found one store selling milk powder in Ho Chi Minh, but they were charging 200,000 Dong for a small 400g tin (circa USD 9.00). We eventually found one shop in Dalat selling milk powder for 100,000 Dong for 400g (circa USD 4.5). I stupidly forgot to take down the details of the brand, but it was the only place we found milk powder on our trip to Vietnam.

As many of the basic rooms in Vietnam have fridges it meant we could buy 6floz cartons of milk:

  • Vinamilk, 180ml cartons @ 7,000 Dong (circa USD 0.3)

Huggies is one of the only brands that we saw in Vietnam. They come in standard nappies and the pull up variety, which are more expensive.

  • Huggies nappies – 9 nappies @ 35,000 – 45,000 Dong (circa USD 1.5-2)
  • Huggies nappies – 18 nappies @ 75,000 Dong (circa USD 3.4)
  • Huggies pull up pants – 18 nappies @ 125,000 Dong (circa USD 5.6)

Baby wipes:
There’s limited of choice when it comes to baby wipes, but if a shop sells nappies, it normally sells wipes too:

  • Bao Bao baby wipes (alcohol free), standard size – 80 wipes @ 25,000 Dong (circa USD 1.1)
  • On care baby wipes (alcohol free), standard size – 80 wipes @ 20,000 Dong (circa USD 0.9)